Cancer Surgery
With The St George Peritonectomy & Liver Cancer Unit Team

Our team at St George Hospital has the most extensive experience with peritonectomy surgery and treating cancer in Australia. Our surgery team is lead by surgical oncologist Professor David Morris.

    We provide treatment for
    • Appendix Cancer:  Located in your lower right abdomen and sometimes difficult to diagnose  >
    • Colorectal CancerThe most common colon and rectum cancer involving the peritoneal cavity  >
    • Gastric CancerThe fifth most common cancer and third leading cause of cancer-related death  >
    • Ovarian CancerOften having no symptoms in early stages, later stages include symptoms such as  >
    • Peritoneal MesotheliomaA rare cancer believed to be primarily caused by asbestos exposure  >
    • Pseudomyxoma PeritoneiMostly present in the appendix, although may also be present in  >
    • and other cancers:  Other cancers that may require peritonectomy surgery  >