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Professor David Morris

Professor David Morris

Surgical Oncologist


Professor David Morris is an internationally recognised surgical oncologist and leader in major liver cancer and peritoneal surface malignancy surgeries, performing over 5,000 major liver procedures and 1,500 peritonectomies since joining St George Hospital in 1990.

Professor Morris’ research has been fundamental, with a primary interest in cancer. He pioneered the treatment of hydatid disease with Albendazole. He developed cryotherapy, facilitating treatment of liver tumours and co-developed and patented InCircle (bipolar) RFA, which minimises heat-sink effect, treats larger tumours and is now used around the world.

He has maintained a cancer research laboratory for over 30 years and has developed 4 anti-cancer drugs. He is currently involved in the development and research of a novel mucolytic agent, the enzyme combination Bromelain and N- Acetylcysteine, for the treatment of mucinous tumours. This agent has also shown remarkable cancer cell cytotoxicity and evidence of synergy with certain chemotherapies. The agent is in a clinical trial with over 20 patients treated so far.

Professor Morris has published over 900 peer-reviewed articles with almost 6,000 citations in the last 5-years and continues to be a lead contributor to world literature on cytoreductive surgery and intraperitoneal chemotherapy. While he has trained a number of peritonectomists  he acknowledges Dr Paul Sugarbakers‘s help in training and support in setting up the St George unit.