Information for visitors and patients

For information about hospital amenities please see details below. While at the hospital, we also have electronic kiosks available to help assist in locating our amenities.  These are located at the Gray Street entrance, Belgrave Street entrance and the Kensington Street entrance to the St George Hospital. 

Bathroom amenities

Patient toilet facilities are available in each inpatient room.  Visitors should only use the public toilet amenities.

The public visitor bathroom amenities are available at each level of the main entries to the Tower Ward Building (near the south inpatient units), ground floor level of the Gray Street main entry and each level of the Acute Services Building.

Breastfeeding and baby change rooms

Breastfeeding and Baby Change Room visitor facilities are located at the Gray Street main entrance on the ground floor.


St George Hospital does not offer patient or visitor laundering facilities for personal items of clothing.


A free patient library trolley service of books and magazines is provided to the wards by hospital volunteers.  This is usually offered between 9:30am and 12:30pm on the day that the volunteer is available.


There is a daily mail delivery service offered to inpatients on the wards. Any outgoing mail requirements for inpatients can be passed onto the Ward Clerk and will be sent on the patients behalf.

Letters being sent to inpatients should be addressed as follows:

Mr/Mrs/Ms (full patient name)
C/- Inpatient Ward ______
St George Hospital
Gray Street

Refreshment facilities (food and drinks)

Food and Beverage visitor facilities including breakfast, lunch and dinner options are available from the following cafes:

Belgrave Café 

Location – Belgrave Street entrance.
Operating hours – Monday to Friday from 6:30am until 8:00pm.
Menu – Café selection includes breakfast, lunch and dinner menu options with dining-in facilities.

Green Shop Café 

Location – Gray Street main entrance.
Operating hours – Monday to Friday from 6:30am until 9:45pm.

The Coffee Box 

Location – Kensington Street entrance.
Operating hours –Monday to Friday from 7:00am until 4:00pm.


They aid in keeping our hospital safe and you can assist by:

  • Not leaving  valuables unattended.
  • Closing the inpatient door or gate behind you when leaving a secure ward area.
  • Visitors/Guests/Relatives will be asked to leave the hospital grounds if found to be abusive, threatening or using any violent language.
Telephones and televisions

Visitors can assist in arranging for an inpatient to rent a service provision of a telephone and/or television service. Please speak with the inpatient area ward clerk for assistance with this service requirement.

Worship and chaplaincy

St George Hospital offer chaplains from a wide range of religions and denominations. If you would like a chaplain to visit with your loved one,  please discuss this with the inpatient nursing team member.