Mucinous Carcinoma
General information

Mucinous carcinoma is an invasive cancer that begins in internal organs which produce Muchin. Muchin is the primary ingredient of mucus and abnormal cells contained inside this type of tumour float in the muchin. The muchin then becomes part of the tumour.


The development of Bromelain/acetylcystein to dissolve tumour mucin is based on our discovery of remarkable synergy between these two (2) agents which allows the dissolution of pseudomyxoma material in the laboratory within a few hours.  A great deal of laboratory and animal research was needed to clarify the effectiveness and safety of this treatment and this has led to a clinical trial.  Many patients have been treated to date with some remarkable results, we plan to now use it with certain types of chemotherapy where small amounts of bromelain/acetylcystein can increase the effect on cancer cells by up to a thousand times. 

Much human cancer, other than pseudomyxoma, have mucin within their cell wall or in the cell itself and widespread sensitivity has been seen in a variety of cancer types including colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, primary liver cancer, ovarian cancer, mesothelioma and sarcoma.  Much more work is needed and planned.